Just in time for the California Mid State Fair, the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance published a feature piece on local vintners with rodeo backgrounds–and we are pleased to share that three of our very own in the Ancient Peaks family were showcased.

Indeed, winery co-owners Doug Filipponi and Karl Wittstrom, along with VP of Operations Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins, were all included in the piece, sharing their personal insights and equestrian experiences.

In Doug’s words, “The Mid State Fair is my favorite rodeo of the year. What makes this rodeo special is the fact that we compete with our friends and neighbors. It’s a tip of the hat to the strong traditions in this community.”

Meanwhile, Karl reveals, “Now that I am in the ‘sunset days’ of my rodeo career you will find me mostly in the grandstands of the BIG rodeos! However, I still regularly compete in team roping and calf brandings.”

And Amanda shares where she likes to ride her horse Maverick: ” My favorite place to ride Maverick is on the ranch around my house on  Highway 46 West.  The views are amazing and I love smelling the sage and citrus orchards, it is good for the soul!”

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