Our signature Pearl Collection wines are back with a sleek new look—introducing the 2020 vintages of the Oyster Ridge and Pearl Cabernet Sauvignon.

This elevated new look takes the presentation of these wines to the next level, cultivating a luxury experience from the package to the palate. We caught up with VP of Sales & Marketing Kristin Muhly to learn more about the inspiration and process behind our new Pearl Collection packaging.

What prompted you to refresh the Pearl Collection label design?

Kristin: It had been more than five years since we updated the Pearl Collection label. These wines represent our best winemaking efforts and therefore we wanted to make sure we did our part on the marketing and design side to match the quality in the bottle. This is only our second change dating back to 2006. It is also our most significant change as we have switched the longtime backdrop color from white to black. We decided it was the right time to give the best of what we do a sleek new look and feel.

What excites you about the new look—and how was it created?

Kristin: Our in-house design team did an incredible job of keeping many of the classic elements (mountains, soils, sense of place) on the label while at the same time giving it a fresh, modern look with label cutouts (letting the bottle shine through), copper foils, live-edge mountains and the dramatic shift to a black label. We also moved to a lighter weight glass, reducing our environmental impact. We love the new look, but the real magic is still the juice in the bottle. We’re delighted to share the new labels and new vintages with you.



In addition to revamping the look of the Pearl Collection, we have also transitioned to a lighter glass bottle. Whereas the previous Pearl Collection bottles weighed 1,200 grams, they now weigh 700 grams. Lighter glass translates to less material consumption, less waste and less fossil fuel consumed during transportation. This is all part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, which includes SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certification for our estate Margarita Vineyard.