Paired with Ancient Peaks Chardonnay

We asked Caroline to share one of her favorite holiday recipes, and she delivered a classic from her great-grandmother Mary Rossi.

“This recipe is pretty weird, but we swear by it—it’s so delicious.”

– Caroline Rossi


2 loaves of White Thick Bread

4 Eggs

2 sticks of Butter

1 Onion


  1. Lay out each slice of bread out on a counter overnight to become stale.
  2. The next morning, fill a bowl with water, grab a cutting board and mince up the onion.
  3. Heat up a pan on medium-high heat and melt butter in the pan. As the butter melts throw in the onion. While the onion is cooking, stack up 2 pieces of bread on top of each other in your hand and dunk them in the water quickly. Once the liquid is quickly absorbed, take the bread and ring out all the liquid, while forming it into a big ball.
  4. Once it has formed a ball, tear apart the bread ball into small pieces and throw them in the pan. Continue this process until the pan is full. Once everything is in the pan, crack 1 egg straight into the pan and start mixing everything.
  5. Continue stirring and cooking everything. The moisture in the bread will cook until the onions are dark brown and the stuffing itself is a deep golden brown.

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Caroline Rossi is our Ancient Peaks Brand Ambassador and the granddaughter of Ancient Peaks co-owner Rob Rossi. Needless to say, wine is a big part of the Rossi family’s holiday celebrations. For Thanksgiving, Caroline says, “We usually have a tradition of watching the Macy’s parade while cooking dinner together, then we all sit down at the table and enjoy the meal with great wines. Once seated, we all will hold hands, say a prayer, and then go around and say at least one thing we’re grateful for. We love hanging out as a family, sharing stories, memories, and laughing together.” Caroline adds, “We also like to open up our home to others we know who cannot be with their own family for Thanksgiving.”