Our winemakers recently stepped up to answer an age-old philosophical question: “Blending wines – is it art, science or a little of both?”

Indeed, Director of Winemaking Mike Sinor and Winemaker Stewart Cameron fielded this question as part of the new “Ask The Expert” series on the popular Reverse Wine Snob site.

So what’s their answer? “A lot of both.”

They continue: “To be good at blending wines, you have to know your science. But to be great, you need to bring some artistry to the task.

Let’s start with the science – the chemistry of the wine. Much of this is handled at harvest time, by growing, fermenting and then aging wines that are technically sound. Your tannins, acids, pH and alcohols are established early in the life of a wine, so that is your time to get it right. You want to avoid scientific flaws, rather than try to fix or blend them away later.

However, science can only take you so far. If you are driven to achieve something great – a blend that will stand the test of time – then you need to delve into the art and mysticism of wine. You need to push and challenge yourself as a winemaker, to taste the wines of the world as your point of reference, then create something that is truly your own.”

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